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IV Night Marathon

45. Alutaguse Maraton

The regulations of the IV ALUTAGUSE Night marathon


IV Night marathon takes place on Friday, 10.02.2021. The start is at 20.00 at the Alutaguse Sports and Recreation center. The marathon is held in free technique.



Start bibs are handed out starting from 18.00 at the Alutaguse Sports and Recreation center.



The distance is 22km (one loop, the short course of the Alutaguse marathon). In addition, the course is marked with reflecting posts. Only about 10% of the course has lights, therefore participants are strongly encouraged to carry lights.

The course may have 1 classical track on the side.

The finish will close at 23.00.



All skiers and fans of skiing, no matter their region of origin, are welcome to participate in the Night marathon.



The participants are responsible for their physical fitness and by registering for the Night marathon agree that they are ready for such a challenge. The participants must carry a light (headlamp, pocket lamp, etc) that can work a minimum of 3h in winter conditions. The participants must carry the means of communication during the event (checked at the start), where is saved the Organizer's number Andres Laur, +372 55 675 605.



Signup for the event: registration

Registration for the IV Alutaguse Night marathon:

  1. round: until 2.02.2022 - 30 EUR 
  2. round: 3.02.2022 – 9.02.2022 - 35 EUR 
  3. round: On the event day on-site 40€ (in cash)


The entry fee includes a marked course, start number, warm drink, and snack at the finish.



The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the event without any entry fee refund in case of lack of snow or in the occurrence of other force majeure circumstances.



Every participant will get a souvenir at the finish. There is no timekeeping and overall result list on this event.



MTÜ Alutaguse Maraton

All open questions and protests are solved by the Organizers:

The main organizer of the Night marathon: Andres Laur

Chief of Competition: Robert Peets.


Info: maraton@alutaguse.com, +372 55 675 605