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Race rules

To ESTOLOPPET participants


1. All competitors, who take part in all Estoloppet (EL) marathons in a season, will be awarded with a year medal.


2. Skiers who have bought EL passport and want to receive the title of ESTOLOPPET MASTER, have to take part in 12 EL marathons (each marathon 2 times). All races from 1998 are valid.




Will be calculated from seasons’ races as follows: 


1. 4 best EL marathon results of a season will be added. Current rankings will be published 5 days after the race.


2. EL winner is the skier with the most points. 


In case of equal points, the winner will be determined by and in following order: 


1) who has finished more EL races in a season; 

2) best result in EL marathon; 

3) higer place in the last EL marathon. 


ESTOLOPPET Point chart

Place     TM place    Points 

1              1-4              1000 

2              5-8               995 

3               9-12            992 

4             13-16            990 

5             17-20            989 

6             21-24            988 

7             25-28            987 

8             29-32            986 

9             33-36            985 

10           37-40            984 etc 


Points will be awarded in intermediate sprint to first 3 skiers: I place 50 pts, II place 30 ptsi, III place 10 pts


All finishers will be awarded with at least 1 point.


First unofficial ranking will be published on in the following Monday after a race and official results on Friday after a race.




consists of Viru, Tallinn, Tamsalu, Haanja and Alutaguse marathon short distances  L/M 15 (2004-2006). Points will be awarded by EL overall ranking in L/M 15 places at 4 out of 5 marathons. First three place are rewarded. 


4. TEAM ranking (see TEAM rules)




1. Entry fees are the same in smaller EL marathons (except Tartu Marathon)


                LONG distance    SHORT distance 

I stage                30€                 27€ 

II stage               35€                 33€ 

III stage              50€                 40€ 



Tartu Marathon Entry fees

                                                 LONG distance    SHORT distance 

I stage  (until 07.12.18)                       55€                 35€ 

II stage  (08.12.18 – 01.02.19)           70€                 45€ 

III stage (02.02.19 – 16.02.19)           110€               70€



Discount for registration to all marathons

                                                                         LONG distances    SHORT distances

I stage  (until 07.12.18)                                            184,50€                 153€ 

I stage without Tartu Marathon (until 16.01.19)        135€                      121,50€ 

II stage (08.12.18 – 16.01.19)                                  198€                      162€


• Discount for youth up to 18 and pensioners is 50% (except III stage).

• re-registration 10 €+ difference of the participation fees of distances.

• no double-discounts. 


2. Registration will start on 01.06.2018:


With making the entry, the participant confirms the willingness to abide by the current Race Regulations and gives the permission to use the shot photo and video material for the promotion of the event.


• Takes place on and other places chosen by the marathons; 

• I stage ends on Wednesday 1 week before the race. 

• II stage ends on Wednesday before the race. 

• III stage (Thursday, Friday and Saturday before the race) registration is open on the Internet and venue – payment takes place on site in cash on the race day.

• On the race day on site only until stated in the rules of the competition.

• Discount for registration to entire Estoloppet only on

• Re-registration takes place until 17.00 the day before the race by e-mail to the chief of competition. The same bib and starting group are not guaranteed. 

• Starting lists are published on Friday before a race on


3. Estoloppet Viru, Tamsalu-Neeruti, Tallinna, Haanja and Alutaguse marathon starting lists are formed taking into account the results from Estoloppet marathons of the same year. Without the same seasons result, last year.

For safety of the start, the chief of competition and chief of time keeping may put the members of national cross-country and biathlon teams to the first starting group. Chief of competition has the right to add skiers to other groups.


4. Marathons (except Tartu Marathon) share the age groups (long distance: L/M 17 (2002-

2004), L/M 20 (1999-2001), L/M 40 (1970-1979), L/M 50 (1960-1969), M 60 (1950-1959),

L 60 (1959 and earlier), M 70 (1949 and earlier); 

Short distance: M/L15 2004-2006 Estoloppet Viru, Tamsalu-Neeruti, Tallinna, Haanja ja Alutaguse 

marathons short distantces have the EL YOUTH RANKING.


5. To get a result


• bib must be visible from your front and back during the entire race;

• Estoloppet veterans wear Alati kohal! Bib of the season;

• timing chip is attached to bib and it is forbidden to damage or remove it;

• Skier who received a GPS has to wear it as instructed.


6. EL OVERALL RANKING list is valid after three races of a season. 


Overall awards: 


• Overall best 6  and 3 best ladies with trophies and prizes.

• Winners of age groups. L/M 17, L/M 20, L/M 40, L/M 50, M 60, L 60, M 70. 

• EL YOUTH RANKING (M/L15) places 1.-3. 

• 3 best TEAMs.


7. ESTOLOPPET marathons which are organized as open track races due to poor snow conditions are considered as a part of the overall ranking by decision of the organizing committee. 


8. It is possible to collect stamps to the children MiniEstoloppet passport on all races. 


9. The organizing committee has the right to change the starting time, place and date on extraordinary occasions.

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