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Race regulation

22. Alutaguse Maraton

XXII Alutaguse Marathon 2021 



1. Alutaguse Marathon is a FIS calendar race and member of Estoloppet 2021 marathon cup and Ski Classics Challenger.

2. Organizer of the Alutaguse Marathon is Club Alutaguse Maraton (hereafter the OC).

3. Alutaguse Marathon is organized according to the ICR, the ICR precisions, Estoloppet main rules, and these rules. 

4. Date of the race is 12.-13. February 2021. The marathon will take place at the Alutaguse Sport- and Recreation Centre. Start and finish are located in the ski stadium of the sports centre. 

44 km mass start at 11.00am (classic technique)

Children race at 11.15am on ski stadium (free technique) 

22 km mass start at 12.00am (classic technique)

5. 44 km course - 3 feeding stations + feeding at finish.

6. 22 km course – 1 feeding station + feeding at finish.

7. The finish will be closed at 16.30pm. Later finishes will result in an automatic DNF.

8. All participants are responsible for their health and fitness, participation is at your own risk.

In case of emergency, call 112 and say the name of race and exact location (nearest km sign) where you are. Participants who have a higher risk for illness must inform the OC before the competition.

9. Minimum year of birth to participate in the long distance is 2005 and for the short distance 2007. 

10. Age groups:
Long distance (44km): N/M 17 (2004-2006), N/M 20 (2001-2003), N/M 40 (1972-1981), N/M 50 (1962-1971), M 60 (1952-1961), N 60 (1961 and earlier), M 70 (1951 and earlier); 
Short distance (22km): M/N15 (2006-2008). 

Competitors born 1981-1999 are competing in overall age group.

11. 44 km starting groups will be calculated by using last year result. If there are no results, the organizers can count also FIS points or other FIS races.

There are no starting groups for short (22km) distance

12. Registration for the Alutaguse Marathon takes place online.


13. The entry fees: 


44km calssic

22 km classic

1st round until 3.02.2021



2nd  round until 10.02.2021



3rd round from 11th February and competition day on site




Participants born on 2001 and later and pensioners will have discount 50% (not valid for 3rd round entry).  

14. Force majeure – cancelation or postponement of the race. In case lack of snow or other unexpected situation, where it´s not the fault of organizers the entry fee is not refundable.

15. Changing entry - you can change registered competitor latest the day before the competition – it must be done in writing no later than19.00pm to e-mail: alutaguse@estoloppet.ee. Organizers will charge you 10 € when handing out starting materials. Only cash payments are accepted. 

16. Alutaguse Marathon will use GPS tracking. Participants who are nominated to wear GPS devices must do it according to instructions from the OC. 

17. Handing out starting materials takes place on the competition day in the Alutaguse Sport Centre from 9.00am.

18. The organizers will guarantee prepared course, starting bib, timekeeping (if starting bib is correctly worn), the result in the final result list, service in feeding stations and in the finish, awarding, diploma printing option on the website after the results are final, first aid. Participants must wear a GPS tracking device if the organizers are using them.

19. The unofficial results will be published after the finish on info board and on the website (www.estoloppet.ee). The official results will be published latest at 17.00pm Friday after the marathon on the official website. Competitors can send corrections and protest on missing results until Wednesday after the marathon 15.00pm in writing to vahur@nelson.ee.

20. Awarding ceremony is on skiing stadium at 14.30pm. In long distance, awards are given for 6 best overall and 3 best Ladies.  Winners will be awarded prizes and trophy. A special trophy will be given for each age group winner and short distance M/L 15 top three. 

21. In special cases, OC can change the course, make course shorter of will cancel the race.

22. Protest are accepted, the Jury will deal with protests.
* for first 100 finishers protest time is 1 hour after the finish of 100th competitor.
* for all others until closing the finish.
Protest fee is 20€

23. All protest and not regulated questions will be dealt with by the Jury:
1. Technical Delegate - Eido Tasalain
2. Chief of Competition - Tiit Pekk
3. Head of OC  - Robert Peets




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